Richard Bucker

Review: Mora self comparison

Posted at — Jun 30, 2016

Mora is my fixed blade company of choice for what I need; which is basic camping and bushcraft. As for surviving the great Zombie Apocalypse - that’s something I do not know or want to think about.And so I have developed a collection of Mora knives.Top: PathfinderLeft-Right: Robust HQ Carbon, Black Carbon, Companion Carbon, light my fire Stainless, Companion StainlessEach of these knives is very sharp although the Companion Stainless seemed to be the sharpest from the factory and they are all very pointy. But there are a few things that you might not know so here are some things to note:The pathfinder, Black and light my fire have 90 degree spines for use with fero rods. For the others you’ll need to grind the spine, use the blade edge or get a striker.The pathfinder is 8" and the rest are 4". There is some variation in the 4" bladesThe carbon blades are thicker. Most are 3mm; light my fire is the thinnest and the companion stainless is the median.The blade finish varies across blade type. black, plain or clear coatedThe sheaths are quirky. The robust has a knob so you can biggyback a second knifeThe black black’s belt loop comes with a removable option and will attach without the loopThe rest can clip on the robust but they will hang a little lowerIt’s possible to neck carry but I’d recommend a length lanyardThe knives and sheaths are available in a variety of colors, lengths, blade type, materials and lengths. I’ve decided that I’m not hiding so my knives need to be visible. (poor Joe dropped his invisible camo colored fero rod).I have not tried the serrated blades and there are a few new blades this year that I hope to evaluate. Of course you ca get the exact specs from the Mora company website as soon as it’s updated. The new website is incomplete.