Richard Bucker

Review: Schrade ax and Morakniv ax

Posted at — Jun 6, 2016

My motive is described here. In this review I’m not comparing the two axes but suggesting that they are complementary.The Mora is a 17oz camping axe with a small blade and a good handle. With the shape of the blade and handle the power is delivered on target. The blade was sharp from the factory and I was able to create a featherstick out of the box and because of the handle material and the size of the tang the balance was fine. It’s one ax that has multiple overlapping uses with some bushcraft knives. Not that it really matters but there is a coating on the blade and the noncutting edges are slightly smooth so there will be no sparks from here.The Schrade Survival ax comes with a sharpening stone and a firesteel. The blade is coated, however, was able to strike the firesteel. Also the Schrade Ax is nearly 2lbs giving it some heft. The handle of the Schrade is almost 4in longer than the Mora. The steel seems to be protected in the handle. While the ax was awkward when used to strike the steel it was not impossible but it probably better as a container rather then a striker.My latest wood processing session started with the Schrade ax and then I moved to my Mora hatchet (yes, I think it’s a hatchet and not an ax). The Mora, while capable, did not handle the hardwood very well and required a lot of work to processes the wood. The Schrade, because it was heavier, handled the first step of processing much easier.Lastly, I would also say that while the Schrade Bowie is 3in longer than the Mora hatchet the weight (23oz) is distributed where most of the Mora’s weight is focused on the head. And so the Bowie is not much of a replacement for the Bowie and vice versa.The Schrade is a buy and the Mora is a maybe. Depending on what you’re carrying a second ax might not be handy and if you use a hefty bushcraft knife it might be preferred.