Richard Bucker

Review: Schrade SCHF42D

Posted at — Jun 9, 2016

As I started outfitting myself for my next unscheduled camping trip I started watching bushcraft videos trying to decide what features I wanted in a knife. With a little foreshadowing many of those check boxes are gone.Assuming I was going to use a saw and a bushcraft knife to process wood my list looked like:full tangcordage loopnon-serrated edgebalancednon-foldinglarge blade (5")At the time I was on the fence between the Mora and the SCHF42D. At the time I was not able to determine if Mora was Morakniv. There were other vendors selling other knives that were so similar and I was already seeing ghosts on eBay and Amazon so I went for a less common route.In hind-site the blade is coated but it’s not textured so there is no additional friction but the blade was not sharp from the factory. I’ve managed to put an edge on the blade and it fulfills the bullshit paper test but it is very hard to sharpen. My Smith’s Pocket sharpened started off ok but is now sharpening unevenly. Finally it was the first knife of the group that gave me a victory when creating feather sticks.I have a few regrets:leather sheath, does not clean well and can dull the bladeI’m starting to rethink about the usefulness of an ax and so a blade this big might not be necessary. I think my kit will include a folding saw, a Silky, an ax or hatchet, and a knifeThe blade is coated and while it seems to be some sort of electrolysis and not adding to the overall thickness of the blade or adding friction it likely means that the blade is prone to rusting.The color of the blade is not conspicuous and it could be easily lost at dusk. One could always attach ome reflective or glowing cordage but that’s not the point.Batoning is nor the ideal use-caserecent chips in my bowie knife suggests I need a harder bladeI’ve also underestimated the potential of my old and trusty Case Mako folder and my new Ganzo folder.I think the SCHF42D is going to be the knife I leave at the bottom of the tackle-box for those moments when I forget or misplace everything else.