Richard Bucker

Review: Schrade SCHF45

Posted at — Jun 5, 2016

My motive is described here.The Schrade Bowie knife is a big knife with a huge blade. I’m not certain what benefit there is to this blade design but I decided to buy one because if the settlers in the 1700 could survive on this knife, as I channeled Davy Crocket and Daniel Boone, then I could find a use for it too. I was also thinking an ax was not necessary and that the Bowie could do that job.I tried processing some birch wedges but it was impossible. The wood was much too hard and going against the grain in any direction only served to dull the blade. I never got to batoning, with the grain, but I imagine it will work great and put into service might fall some standing deadwood.Unlike the previous Schrade this one has a gunmetal colored blade that might be a coating but is not textured. The 90 degree spine took the firesteel on the first try.Finally the sheath is hard plastic or poly-whatever. There is no drainhole so it will become a cup if it’s raining and it requires taking your belt off to wear it. There are some holes in the case for lashing it to a rucksack. The blade flops and makes some noise in the sheath and the velcro handle lash is pasable but that’s it. This knife mist be in the upright or horizontal position.This knife is a maybe. If I were on the show naked and afraid I think I would not leave home without it. As a replacement for an ax it is a little smaller and fits in my bag and so it might be a better hatchet than an ax.UPDATE: The bowie made fast work of a troublesome tree. But now I have two huge chips in the blade. I think a hatchet would have been a better tool. As for my missing machete I think I’ll put that behind me and move the bowie from my camping kit to the garden tool chest.