Richard Bucker

review sea to summit sil bucket

Posted at — Jan 30, 2017

It’s an interesting product and with a little cordage and a rock I should be able to get water to process and staying out of harms way. The bag is small, has a pouch, is seam taped or sealed so its waterproof…. but it cannot stand on the ground. It has to hang.This small collapsible funnel with a paper coffee filter would be useful in order to get the water into a sawyer squeeze or other. A paper coffee filter could filter the chunks.The complaint about the stuff sack is that the bucket needs to be folded exactly so that it will fit into the bag. That precision folding will eventually damage the bucket. Lastly the bucket is expensive but the reason I decided to purchase it was because it was light, could hold more water than I would process at once thus allowing for spillage and that it would get me away from the waterhole if need be… think aligators.Here is the complete water processing kit.Notice there is a DIY hydration tube specifically for smartwater bottles. Also I carry water tabs too. The purification time is about 4 hours. It’s meant for assisting other hikers.