Richard Bucker

review SOL Duct Tape

Posted at — Dec 2, 2016

SOL sells 500 foot rolls of duct tape as a component of a survival’s not quite 2 inches wide and not as thick either.the packaging shows that there is no core which suggests the last few inches are going to be hard to use… so it’s not quite 50 usable feet.I thought I could make my own using Gorilla tape from Home Depot and a core from a dog poop bag roll. The tape is about 2 inches wide and the cores are a little thicker.I spooled a few feet of tape onto my core. It took some doing to start it properly and then wind it without creases or bubbles.PS: I also manged to cut mu finger and bleed all over the carpet when I cut the tape from the role. I’m a dumbass.