Richard Bucker

review: toaks siphon titanium stove

Posted at — Mar 16, 2017

It’s one sweet stove. First of all it’s about the same size as a fancy fiest stove but made out of titanium with smaller jets. In my first burn I used 1oz of denatured alcohol and brought 16oz of water to a boil before the alcohol ran out. According to other reviews the store is supposed to be very can see the size relative to the 550ml potthe wind shield for my esbit stove was not effective for the alcohol stove16oz water in a 550ml cup meant the lid was going to be popped offa hearty boildid not get a true bloom. the slightest breeze prevented a bloomalmost complete protection but still not enough or the stove was manufactured poorlyI’m not sure about the construction but I need to check the bloom in a location with NO wind just to verify, however, I have a call into toaks in order to determine if this is a manufacturing problem.