Richard Bucker

Review: Victorinox Farmer

Posted at — Jul 23, 2016

Victorinox, aka S.A.K., is probably one of the most recognizable knife companies out there. I do not recall when I receive my first SAK but I have received, bought, and lost many. In fact I have one in my dopp kit for when I travel and check my bags and several around the house including my office.Recently I decided to give the SAK Farmer a try as one of the BOBs (bug out boys) I like to watch decided to leave his fixed blade at home and try an expedition with just his Farmer. He was successful, however, unless he secretly had a saw, fixed blade or secret ax I think I learned a few things from my try-stick.know where you are going so you know what sort of fuel you can expectknow the weather conditions because wet fuel can change the profileknow if you are going to use a gas cooking fire or a wood cooking fireknow if you’re going to have or make a recreational campfireknow if you are going to cook where you sleep (not a great idea)After considering this I came to the conclusion that using a SAK Farmer is a trade-off between time and weight. The blade and saw are so small that your wood is likely dead-fall and dry or very dry. The saw blade will become ineffective as the green material sticks. And the small blade does not baton very well. Adding a cobra type paracord lanyard as a grip was somewhat helpful but much less than perfect. Practicing a tight grip the part of the knife body used to connect the lanyard ring protrudes from the knife body and is irritating to a tight squeeze. I like the position of the awl as a striker for my fero rod. Having the awl, blade and saw are good tools for making a bow-drill or pump fire drill. The can opener and bottle opener are always handy, however, I think Robinson, Torx and/or Phillips have long overtaken the “regular” screw.PS the spring action is pretty tight. I could have lost a finger.