Richard Bucker

review zpacks pocket tarp vs six moon design luna solo

Posted at — Feb 15, 2017

My new pocket tarp arrived a few minutes ago and I really want to set it up. According to the zpacks website it’s made from .34 cuben where their normal tents and tarps are made from .54 and .71 or there abouts (from memory). ZPacks also recommends that the pocket tarp is for limited use and day hikes or emergency shelter and not recommended for long or thru hikes. I have not rendered an opinion yet except to say as an emergency shelter I’d prefer a square or rectangle as it provides many more options and does not specifically require a tent pole or trekking pole. In the meantime I’ve spent about $200 on this tarp and I am of the opinion that I could have made a polycryo at or near the same weight with the same durability and with many more configuration options not to mention a small fraction of the cost. (this cuben is nearly see thru)