Richard Bucker

Robots Moving Free Space Autopilot

Posted at — Sep 29, 2021

I have yet to implement anything using AI like tensor flow… but as I sit here watching the boston dynamics videos and some of the other autonomous bots I’m recalling the video of the

Some of AIs detractors suggest that computing is currently insufficient and that AI is statistical or math stuff and not what we think AI is or should be. It’s just a mathmatical simulation.

I wonder just how fast our autonamic brain really is. What is it about standing in a breeze that let’s the hairs or skin determine direction of the wind. Or what about a distant car crash or explosion allow the brain to perceive direction based on the speed of sound as it reaches one ear more slowly than the other combined with the vibrations etc.

So here’s a thought… An aerosolized nano devices in a somewhat conductive material that can be sprayed on the inside or outside of a rocket, car, etc that would act as a digital skin. That could combine signals with cameras and microphones.

I do not know anything about the psychology of animals, however, when prey perceives a threat it has to run or hide and it’s usually in a chaotic way. Some preditors can detect the chaos.