Richard Bucker

RUCAS vs Toaks Siphon

Posted at — Mar 17, 2017

Here are some experiments. First I started comparing the RUCAS and the siphon stoves,

The RUCAS is a much bigger stove than the toaks. Both in height and diameter.

The RUCAS is made from aluminium and the siphon from titanium. After the same burn the RUCAS was hot to the touch MUCH longer than the siphon. The RUCAS ignited immediately with my regular size bic and the siphon required multiple tries. I tried my SOL sparker and it worked first time.

In a separate experiment I tried my SOL sparker on the SOL fire cube (12 min at 1300 F), esbit and some drier lint. The lint took the spark on the first go. The SOL cube took a while as it needs a strong spark and the esbit never worked. I do not have an explanation as it seems to be partially based on a chemical reaction. It’s interesting to note that the SOL has a distinctive flame and the esbit does not.

In a third experiment I was finally able to get an esbit started with a fero rod. It took a lot of effort and plenty of crushed esbit.

In my final experiment I made the smallest and lightest featherstick and it started with the SOL striker.

The smaller feather stick had better results.

And my very last experiment also worked

As a result of this experimentation I’m going to change my EDC. Let’s be real for a moment. My hands hurt. Making small tinder with a small knife and a small sparker is fun in practice but it I had to do this for real it would seriously SUCK.