Richard Bucker

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Posted at — Mar 8, 2016

This is a quick post inspired by a quote:Lars Herrmann, general manager of Integrated Solutions & Container Strategy at Red Hat, concurs, informing me that much of Docker’s adoption that Red Hat sees is confined to proofs of concept or initial use of containers, and usually developer teams working on greenfield projects. (The Register: that the new guard is now the old guard… which means that Red Hat is now moving at Enterprise speed instead of garage band speed. Of course they have not embraced Docker. That would mean competing with their own technology too.The inspiration…While Docker is leading the way it’s still pretty heavyweight. You still have to implement whatever you you are working on… the great hello world app. Then you have to do all the docker machine, swarm etc… to run it where ever and however you want it. These things seem so 1970 as I remember IBM JCL. Many parts of JCL were about telling the underlying framework how and where to run your executable. It was just an executable config file almost like a Dockerfile.Food for thought.