Richard Bucker

Rust Again

Posted at — May 19, 2020

There is something to be said about being about to compile your code on a Win95 machine and then simply copy it onto a latest windows release and in some cases Wine… and it just works. The same can be said about SOME perl and python… so at least they are somewhat better… until python 3 and perl 6. We do not need more languages. We need things that are safe, secure, easy, and somewhat fun… and will run forever. We do not need a variation of readstring for every lang… that was a dig on the nodejs package that was invalidated by a disgruntled js dev.

One reason for the autoconf toolchain is because it is difficult to build an app for every instance of the linux kernel and CPU.

Yesterday, however, I learned some new sh-t that included web assembly… I’m not too much of a webassembly fan because running too much code in the browser only changes the attack vector. However, I also managed to stumble upon tinygo. I have yet to create my first app… but I was thinking that there is something in this.