Richard Bucker

Rust Lang Plus Plus

Posted at — Apr 30, 2020

I’ve written about rust-lang before. I’m not sure what my position was back then but it probably was not a positive. I think, at the time, I was thinking that even though rust has all this stuff going for it it reports have it that the popular apps disable the key features. So then what’s the point… Frankly what’s the point anyway… why not take the ideas and concepts and inforporate them incrementally into some other language. But I guess that’s for the languagae designers to figure out.

Why not Rust? Why not Microsoft’s version of Rust? First of all when Microsoft takes on a language they tend to remodel it look like everything else they have… C# (CSharp) looks exactly like Java plus plus lost the war.

when you’re only tool is a hammer all your problems look like nails

So why rust? Probably because the next generation of cool kids are spending their allowance on the language and microsoft wants a chance to polute them into using Windows… where Apple has buried itself in swift which is not cross-platform and is meant to sell computers not implement software. I suppose that does give Rust the leg up if that’s your destination.

Here’s the thing…

With 35 years of professional experience I’ve deployed quite a applications in many different languages. Some of those applications could not be built or run today. But there are some that could. And then there is the call from the US covernment asking for COBOL programmers to work on the unemployment problem. COBOL itself is not the problem it’s that COBOL was embedded in the platform… it was as much part of the OS as it was the reporting labguage. They should have been soliciting JCL/COBOL programmers.

So before you go all shiney and new you need to learn a few more things. [1] how much performance do you need [2] how easy do you want it to read (see literate programming) [3] how extensible do you need it to be [4] to you know all of your use-cases. [5] how much time do you want to spend learning the syntax [6] does the syntax solve your problems

Taking the Microsoft bashing a little further… so long as “they” keep layering tons of cruft on top of the hardware the consumer/programmer will need to match that intellectual property. It’s possible that some of that is marketing and economics but worth paying attention to… the more layers in a platform the more time you have to spend getting up to speed. Most developing countries cannot afford that. They have access to basic labor that could overwhelm your business model. Then again with my DSL I can out perform the local competition.

So there it is… I do not have the time to become profficient enough in Rust that I can spend the same amount of time convincing customers, manager, co-workers that they need to spend the same amount of time with the same lock-in.


good luck