Richard Bucker

Scaling the Disney way Part 2

Posted at — Nov 22, 2014

Continuing my previous article. Disney can scale it’s production. Just look around and just about everything you see has a real world analog. Everything from the light posts, manhole covers, garbage cans, decorative lights, video screens … are all common household or commercial items. And I think there is a very good reason for this. Liability. If there is a short in an electrical system and someone or many people are injured, WDW does not want the responsibility. But more importantly there is simply time to market. If the imagineers had to imagine, design, implement, and test every single component in every single attraction etc… they might not ever have completed either park.So the lesson I’m taking away from there is several fold when constructing software:know what it is that I’m developingknow that the first MVP is actually a POCknow that the second MVP is the alphaknow when to implement a library and when to adopt a 3rd partyplan to understand the risk and dependencies from adoptiontake a lesson from chess computers and make sure there are always moves available in the futureOne thing I hope to discover is if there is a formula whereby I could predetermine how much should be new and how much should be adopted.