Richard Bucker

Score +1 for Dell Computers

Posted at — Jan 27, 2020

I was just looking at the Qubes-OS and the question of what would be my next hardware device. I love me some Lenovo and I really like the terminal experience of using a tablet or ChromeOS device as my GUI layer. I constantly struggle with the amount of data I must be leaking to google and other 3rd parties. But that’s only part of the security equation.

ChromeOS, iPad etc are considere relatively secure. So pick you poison. Leak your data to the corporation or leak your data to the evil empire. The thing about the corporation is that you’ll never know exactly what your data is worth and you’re still a potential victim of thieves.

The thing I really like about my current platform is that my work is in the cloud. The targets are distributed. And my only GUI is the thinest appliance. But if I had to go full desktop it would have to be a Dell XPS Developer. These days they are cutting edge. NICE!

AND one thing I find amazing is that Dell’s “refurbished and overstock” site does not have ANY developer laptops for sale. Good for you Dell.