Richard Bucker

Scrum - always better to go first

Posted at — Feb 22, 2012

I remember in (elementary, middle, high, college, university) school that I hated to go first. It did not matter what it was I just hated it. Think of it as the leadoff hitter in baseball. (which turns out to be a good place to be)What I just realized, after being on a scrum call with my client and their entire development team, is that I want to go first. By going first there is a psychological edge that you are the one that everyone else if following. If someone says that they implemented ‘X’ and you also implemented ‘X’ it’s better to be #1 instead of +1.In today’s call it appears that the code is forking and efforts are being duplicated. #1 might be tasked to continue as-is where +1 will likely be seen in a me too position and that person is likely to be reassigned.So unless you do not like your work… be #1.The same can be said for bad news but that’s a story for another day.