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Posted at — Feb 9, 2015

Sadly Douglas Campbell decided to disable comments or I would have responded directly to his post. I don’t want to say that he’s made a discovery, however, sharethis seems to have a foot planted in the docker trough. I’m only pointing this out because these guys seem to be very devops oriented. Once you look at their career page it’s almost immediate.There is a lot of good to be said for is much like a chroot with more partitioning (security)but it supports many different linux flavorsso the host and the guest do not have to be the same brandCoreOS is a perfect host OSdevops is easier if the containers are considered part of the pipeline channel (see CoreOS channels as an example)support for sidekick and ambassador patternsapplications like machine and fig create networks of images through compositionimages are sharable through a registrywith reputation based recommendationsso SMEs can create proper images (i.e.; mongodb)On the downside therethere is confusion as to what a container is supposed to look likewhich guest is besthow to build and deploy you appsproper networking designproper CI/CD pipelinesBlah…Today I read the first few paragraphs of the NixOps manual and I was surprised. NixOps, which is also part of the functional family of tools for Nix and NixOS, has a number of features that look like fig and machine had a baby. The best news is that it’s just part of the “system”. And right now I’m dreaming about all the happiness I can create if I only had some time to devote to Nix and it’s tools like containers, NixOps, Nix, Hydra and so on… From my vantage it feels like a complete, self contained, batteries included OS.UPDATE: I’m building my first NixOS instance using NixOps and it’s humming along. Interestingly enough it appears that NixOS is being compiled from scratch in order to make the entire deployment. (whoosh there goes SSL and lot’s of perl). I cannot predict if this is a good thing or not but there are a few observations.NixOS as a bare metal OS makes sense so long as the source and packages are mirrored locally and the hardware is capableOnce the deploy is completed there must be a way to deploy containers in an way that might resemble chef … don’t do anything if it’s already theredeploying N+1 is faster than 1deploying N+1 when 1..N has already been deployed does not mean starting overI would have liked it if the tutorial provided a hello-world type installation. The two that NixOS provided were just slightly more complicated but a toolbox nix would have been nice. And there it is. In less than 15 minutes a complete installation from source. Interesting….UPDATE: It might not actually be complete.  The welcome file is displaying the version 13.10.XXX which I know is not current (14.12.XXX). That said the terminal window that was running NixOps is still running. It appears that maybe the console output is from the remote VM. Nothing more to say other than I hope the installation is current.UPDATE:  And then it failed:building path(s) ‘/nix/store/7ivvsliqfhmrqwj6wjwvb2ni8nf0xiqh-boottime-keymap’error: a ‘x86_64-linux’ is required to build ‘/nix/store/b97vk6ykglyp1ax71b11kpjscfg8zsxv-boottime-keymap.drv’, but I am a ‘x86_64-darwin’error: unable to build all machine configurations