Richard Bucker

Should Go replace my use of Python?

Posted at — Jun 22, 2011

Here is an interesting post that posited the question in my title: Experience porting 4k lines of C code to go are a lot of reasons to use GO. I like that it’s from Google but I don’t like that there is a release often approach. I need something that is a little more stable than that. Granted this offers some justification for deploying packages and the like and using goinstall in order to deploy and update packages as new releases of GO are made available.┬áThere is also something to be said about the monolithic codebase, however, that flies in the face of this deploy approach.But I like the compiled performance, channels and the wealth of packages (It needs more like a performant web framework, templates and production ready database adapters.)Go, while cool, is still a little half baked. Where python and perl are still up to the challenge.