Richard Bucker

Should Microsoft Buy Ubuntu

Posted at — May 15, 2020

I read the headline and then saw the following:

Due to this popularity of Ubuntu Linux on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, …

I’m not sure that Microsoft would do this unless there was a BIG money or BIG mindshare play. Microsoft’s playbook has not changed in 40 years. They:

If you do not believe me then go read some articles on OS/2 and Java++.

I certainly do not know if there is a money play here. Is Microsoft licensing Ubuntu from Canonical? Are they charging their customers? Is it stealing revenue from Windows licenses on Azure? Or is there a way to slap it all together with a windows API layer?

In this case the GPL is a great SHIM in that it prevents Microsoft from making Microsoft-only versions of ANY linux distro/source without publishing the source. But they do have some good lawyers so they may find a way out…

I’m not sure what they are thinking. The article was pretty thin too. If I was the CEO at Canonical I’d probably sell. They have had a number of false start projects and in the last long while they have not really been pushing the envelope. That’s still being done by Linus.

MEH this is a stupid idea. Microsoft would better serve themselves to fork their own OS and cut the compatability cord.