Richard Bucker

Shutdown leads to 7 minute installation

Posted at — Aug 21, 2015

I have no idea what just happened. ¬†As I have maintained with the exception of Skype and some in-house file sharing I do very little with my MacBook Air. Point in fact I had a Skype call yesterday afternoon and when I stepped away from my desk my laptop was still running just fine.This morning I noticed that my MacBook was powered off. My machine was not doing anything in particular but I was concerned that it might be DEAD. I finally got around to powering it up. After the file vault startup finished the screen went black. I clicked a few keys. I got to a login screen. I entered my credentials. and it went back to a black screen. After a few more attempts I was presented with a “installation complete in 7 minutes” splash screen. All I could say to myself was WTF!First of all Apple had clearly taken control of my machine and initiated a shutdown. Maybe they did or did not expect me to have the auto-start feature enabled or not. Who knows. And then it was the 7 minutes that just slayed me. My ChromeOS devices will always download in the background unless I initiate the upgrade and even then it can be accomplished in the background. And finally the update is simply a matter of rebooting… 10 seconds.These events from Apple are spooky and disconcerting.