Richard Bucker

Signing off of Twitter

Posted at — Jul 4, 2015
I like twitter has a source of casual information. The problem however is that it is becoming more and more commercial. Every dozen or so tweets I receive some sort of sponsored message. Many of these sponsored messages are in line with my interests and from time to time I have click through however they are still a nuisance. Additionally some of the sources that I get my news from include all sorts of nonsensical news. For example this one news station insist on including pictures from one of their sponsored models. It is off topic that it no longer makes sense.

Recently I started informally monitoring my usage. What started off as reading while in the bath room has turned into almost a full time of session. On the one hand both the golang and docker projects are very informative however it's to the point where many of the posts or the percentage of posts that carry useful information is starting to drop. The reality is if I do not start to curate my own newsfeeds I'm going to be distracted from my primary mission of developing my own software.
I sincerely miss the days of RSS feeds.

UPDATE: I've been off of twitter for 7 days now. It feels good.