Richard Bucker

simple ground tarp setup

Posted at — Nov 16, 2016

As I continue to test my gear and skills here is the ground setup I had in mind:In the end I was able to reuse some stakes and reduce the number of guy lines.UPDATE: adding a bugnet to this configuration means that I need 10x 5', 2x 10', and 1x 25' segments of rope to reduce the number of stakes. Then again maybe Shepard hooks would be better.light weight and cheap reflective tarp.I started by staking down the footprint to prevent it from blowing away. I spread the tarp over top and re-staked the head section. fabricated the ridgeline and then staked down the footer.the lines at the footer are nearly 45degĀ The trekking poles are set to approximately 44in although I intended it to be 48in so I could sit upright at the foot.plenty of roomMost bug nets are shaped like a pyramid assuming the head is below the peak. In this configuration the peak is by the foot but it should work if the netting is taught.5 minutes of modest windSince I had recycled the footprint’s stakes for the tarp… just 5 minutes later the footprint was a 48 inchesI reset the tarp’s ridgeline to 48 inches. At this height the tarp was a little less stable. To correct I moved the trekking poles toward the head and angled the ridgeline stakes further still. I also added small badge clips to the loops on the tarp. And then I added the bugnet.In conclusion this setup did not take very long but there is a strong argument for deploying the tarp first and the footprint second so it might remain dry or at least less muddy. 48in is a nice height. There are still some on site issues like direction of the rain and if there is rain at all. One could argue against the bug net in winter except that there is some critter protection there too. And as for the rain there is nothing like a mylar blanket. The tarp is meant to keep the direct rainfall off your body and gear.FAIL:wrong size cordage - needed 25', 6x 3', 6x 10'.although I deployed 10 stakes I could have used 2 more although cordage could have reduced that numberUPDATE: total weight was 1350gUPDATE: the SOL version of this configuration is 250g lighter and packs considerably smaller.