Richard Bucker

sizable cordage

Posted at — Oct 29, 2018

Bushcrafters talk religiously about their 550 paracord. There are plenty of uses for paracord and survivor cored if you find yourself in the back country for longer than 3 weeks. And depending where you are and what you are doing a whistle or cell phone is sufficient because if you are in that kinda danger f*ck survival make a call.Considering the volume and weight of 550 paracord I like this Dyneema from Atwood.It’s made from Dyneema and can support 550 pounds just like the 550 paracord. The best part is that this small 2 inch spool holds 61+ feet of this cord. Sure Dyneema is a bit slippery but it’s manageable. But the compactness and weight makes it ideal to carry extra and it also packs downs small so more impromptu setups like wider trees or other configurations are possible.Also from Atwood are some reflective and solid braided strands that are more compact at 125ft per spool. Let the testing begin.NOTE: most tarp configurations need 50ft of cordage. Tents need much less than that. You should only carry what you need and so the dispenser is a waste. Also carrying 125 ft could also be a waste.