Richard Bucker

Skype on ChromeOS

Posted at — Jul 2, 2015

This article hints that it’s possible to download and install Skype for android for my ChromeOS device. One thing that seems to be missing is whether or not it’s going to support the different processors. Frankly I’m not sure what the Android version requirements so it’s, admittedly, a little FUD.This lack of support is all the more reason to do something else. Hangouts is a good replacement, however, many corporate users are skittish. While Hangouts is feature complete it suffers from a number a challenges. (a) it’s complicated or at least the casual user is not going to record a session on their first attempt (b) privacy, especially of recordings is not clear where Skype requires a 3rd party (c) not everyone is using the Chrome browser or ChromeOS. It is simply not a ubiquitous solution.iMessage is also an alternative but it’s Mac only and there are too many Windows users in the world and on my teams; and since it’s not cross platform it’s not a possible solution. A Chrome solution would be an easier, however, even I’m staring at a MacBook and a Chromebook wanting to consolidate.One interesting challenge is that once you get to the realization that this is for business everyone has their hand out. There are few freebees. Ad-supported is not the sort of thing you want to show a client and facebook messaging is also no way to go.And the one key driver is privacy and security. No matter what your business is there are some conversations that using 3rd party tubes are simply not ok.