Richard Bucker

Slackware 15

Posted at — Feb 9, 2022

I cut my teeth on Slackware Linux. I remember installing it on my Sony Vaio pocket in the 90s. And then having envy of the models that followed that I could not afford.

2022-02-03 Slackware 15 was released/announced after a very long development cycle. Slackware was one of the many reasons I liked OpenBSD compared to Debian, Suse, Corel and a few others in the same timeframe.

Slackware was also why I liked slax as my tiny linux instead of the many puppy variations. (I’m not certain I know the origins anymore.)

As I start to discard my OpenBSD CDs that date back to 4.x… I look back fondly to my Slackware beginnings.