Richard Bucker

Sleep System in a Bag

Posted at — Dec 11, 2017

I was talking with the owner of 2GoSystems. I was trying to convince myself and Brian that I needed a custom made Velar Bivy that would fit me better. I have a Snugpak bivy that is about 86x30in. I tried it a few times but was never comfortable even when trying it in the living room. It was the main reason I purchased the Trifecta V2. However since the temps are dropping in Florida I’m looking for some extra comfort without a weight or volume penalty.This kit weights in at 4.5 lbs, however, it’s important to note that while it’s a complete sleep system for about 50F I have a few extras like 2 sit pads and a bandanna.4.5 lb sleep systemSo what’s in there:snugpak jungle bagclosed cell sit pad (just important when kneeling to get in/out of the shelter)Klymit inflatable sit pad (not really part of any sleep system unless I use it to fix my sleep position or to rest my knees on)Outdoorsman inflatable sleeping pad (I could use my Static V Junior or other light pads, however, depending on my sleeping position I do not like my knees on the hard ground)Six Moon Designs Polycryo footprint (optional but weighs less than an ounce)SOL 8x5 tarp with cordage and 4 stakes (I have some extra 550 cord here for a ridgeline that could be replaced with something lighter.)1x 4-section tent pole (Even if I used a trekking pole the weight should be counted)bandana (sometimes used as a pillow case)pillow (I can sleep without a pillow but this gives me a few more comfort choices)jumbo ziplock bagWhat I really like about the jumbo bag is that the contents and the air pressure make the bag semi rigid  and thus not everything falls to the bottom of my pack. And I do not have to take it out unless I need it. In the coming week I will be replacing the SOL tarp with a 2GoSystems Trifecta V3 XL and the Snugpak with the 2GoSystems Velar.