Richard Bucker

So long Rackspace, hello GCE

Posted at — Apr 28, 2014

Rackspace has been very good to me over the years. They have been taking a modest $50USD/month for about 2 years and $75USD/mo for the last year. But now I’m looking back on those servers and realizing that there is just way too much work for me to keep it all alive. So I am moving to CoreOS running on GCE (google cloud engine) with plenty of docker. I should be able to get to the magic $25USD/mo and still get the same service I have been getting.  With the remaining cost savings I might allocate a huge disk so that I can backup my 300GB of family photos at full resolution.UPDATE: I just deleted my second server.  I had turned this server off several months ago (after backing it up) but in that time I have not missed it.  So goodbye.UPDATE: only 2 servers left.