Richard Bucker

So Long Replay, Hello Tivo

Posted at — Jun 17, 2011

[caption id=“attachment_95” align=“alignleft” width=“300” caption=“ReplayTV shutting down operations”][/caption]I was going to watch some show I had previously recorded on my ReplayTV and this message popped up on my screen. It seems that ReplayTV is going to halt all operations on July 31, 2011. This really sucks because I like my ReplayTV. They were the first to offer remote room playback (record a show in one room and playback in another using a second ReplayTV and a wired ethernet network.)This is sort of interesting because at least one of the ReplayTV devices has been misbehaving. Every once in a while it just hangs. So I was thinking that I would need to replace it in a few weeks or months at the most.In the meantime I was looking at the latest Tivo. They seem really cool. Some of the interesting features include iPad/iPhone/web integration so that you can change the recording options while you are away from home but connected to the internet. And I recall reading that you can record 2 shows and watch a recorded show at once. That’s one more show than the replay permitted… but it requires some investigation first.The one show stopper that I am interested in is whether we can watch in the other room via wired network. This is a big deal and the most important feature.  I once had Dish Network in the house because they said they could playback anything in any room of the house.  That was far from the truth but it was the closest I have seen until the ReplayTv.When you have more than one TiVo box connected to your home network through broadband, you can easily transfer non-copy protected HD shows between them. Simply connect all of your TiVo boxes to your home network and you can enjoy the convenience of multi-room viewing.In other families it’s simple.  His device and her device. And where the device is, is where you watch that show… or you record it on multiple devices. So my search begins to make sure that I can watch where I want to …PS: It is interesting that it also has some Netflix functions… so we can watch movies and TV shows streaming over the internet.