Richard Bucker

Software Architect - Best Job? For how long?

Posted at — Feb 7, 2015

This article popped up again. It was written in 2013 and is mostly valid, however, the winds are shifting.About 15 years ago I was having a conversation with my stepfather. The topic of conversation was the investing, the stock market, brokers, and the internet. He said: there was no longer any reason to have a broker; with the advent of internet search the investor had access to the same information that the broker did.As I was reading a few emails this morning I’ve realized something very similar about architects. I consider myself an architect because I have been architecting greenfield projects for bulk of the last 20-30 years. Any while I try to keep abreast of all the new tech sometimes it’s a matter of being the first one to press SEND.Being a successful architect is more than reading Hacker News, SlashDot, TechCrunch, etc… It’s knowing when (a) not to send, (b) when to review and provide a distillation of the cost/benefit. (c) and when to yell “stop the presses” and (d) the difference between cutting edge and bleeding edge.A friend of mine posted a picture of an Arduino project on FaceBook and said that a coworker built a computer. The reality is that the coworker assembled the computer not built. Just because you read an article does not make you a broker or an architect.