Richard Bucker

Software estimation failure

Posted at — Nov 22, 2014

If you want to know why some or most software estimation fails then you should watch kids playing with Legos. What you’ll see is the mind striving for [a] perfection [b] approval, and [c] improvement. I suppose that there is a lot in common for [a] and [c] but when you see them compete in addition to the aesthetic you’ll see the iterative process too.When kids are constructing gocarts or lego racers time is no object or at least time is not kept and they do not have a sense of when they have achieved good enough. Since I’m not a psychology major I cannot profess these things to be true in all cases but after 30+ years of programming and managing programmers and 4 years of watching my kids … it might actually be an educated guess.If we knew what it meant to be GE (good enough) then there is a better chance we’d get there on time.