Richard Bucker

Software Patents - The Good and Evil

Posted at — Apr 17, 2015

I suppose there are some edge cases in software that I would like to patent. I’m not quite sure what it is or where it might be but just because I did or did not conceive a use-case that someone else is taking advantage of is nuts. ┬áThat someone thinks that you can patent open source is just silly.I’m not sure what Facebook is planning here but making react opensource but trying to patent it is like giving someone a pen and paper and telling them (a) you cannot draw pictures (b) or make a paper airplane. And you certainly do not need a patent to protect react when licensing can take care of the rest. The various versions of the GPL have various encumbrances and limitations (GPL-A).Honestly, what is the purpose of open sourcing react if they want to prevent people from using it?