Richard Bucker

SOL Shelter or Heavy Blanket

Posted at — Nov 16, 2016

The SOL Heavy Duty Blanket is included in the SOL Shelter. So the question is do you buy one or the other. And what about the sport utility blanket? Is there a combination that makes sense?Heavy Duty BlanketThe heavy blanket has a diagonal of 8.6 feet. That’s a pretty good tarp length for a hammock setup.Shelter with Blanket IncludedThe stakes are only 4 inches in length and given the environment might not really be long enough for anything but they are something. This self contained kit is probably ideal when you don’t really plan to stop but it’s not critical enough to be an emergency. (because I hate misusing the word “survival”)Sport Utility BlanketThe Sport Utility Blanket is a thick version of the emergency blanket and includes grommets. It’s good as a footprint but it’s a slightly different size and weight from the blanket. Considered a previous post where I was deploying a lean-to the cordage and stake requirements were odd. I think I need to add grommets to the blanket and that would make it competitive.