Richard Bucker

Solo Shakedown

Posted at — Aug 20, 2016

I have not weighed my pack yet but I can already tell it might not be big enough.Once I’ve added some snacks, water, and more fuel this pack is going to weigh more than I expected. This shakedown is going to be the first of many. It’s not a question of getting stronger or endurance it’s what most hikers call comfort. And yet many of my 3’s and C’s of Survival have not been packed.I have a few of the CsContainer - cup in my cook kitCordage - part of my hammockCover - liner, emergency blanket, rain jacket with hook, baseball capCombustion - fero rodAnd I need some moreContainer - 2x liter Smart bottles, 2x liter platypus bags, Renovo filter, water tabs, pack linerCut - Swiss Army Farmer, Mora 8" and a Silky sawCordage - 25’ for bear bagCover - reflectix, sun screen, mosquito repellent, mosquito net, change of socks, tyvek, camp shoesCombustion - lighterand I have not decided if I’m going with ma pillow luxury item.Looking at the contents of my 40L pack I’ve already seen some room for improvement.the cook kit could use space better by using a smaller fuel bottle or a better potthe big reflective tar is 10x10 and can be replaced with a piece of reflectix for the hammock or tyvek for the floorthe first aid kit can be repackaged in a Ziploc to save space and weightonly 1 microtowel instead of 2stop treating the freeze dried food like gold and pack it smaller (beef mac n cheese did not fold well as there seems to be an inner pack)Packing a little more creatively and I managed to get everything in with plenty of room for more.