Richard Bucker

SoloStove and RUCAS

Posted at — Aug 4, 2016

I read an article where the user has put his Trangia in his SoloStove. So why not a RUCAS? After the RUCAS warmed up it’s flames were about 10-12 inches from the top of the RUCAS. You can see the pink/purple bloom to the right. I practically had to drop my 450ml of water onto the stove or else I was going to burn something. Needless to say this is no way to cook a meal, just heat some water.This was approximately 1oz and it burned off in about 4 minutes. The water was warm but not hot enough to make a cup of tea. After the alcohol burned out I put another oz in the stove and it started with a quick spark. Since the stove was already hot the jets flamed right away and I nearly burned my hand again from the stove and the hot pot.To confirm my previous suspicions: [a] gloves [b] wooden spoon [c] better stand [d] no actual cooking. I might be able to alter these parameters if I had [a] a windscreen, [b] a different base. Let me be clear; if 3oz of alcohol is supposed to be 14 minutes of burn time by comparison that would be a lit of twigs and prep.Lastly, if 3oz is 14min then 9oz is about 60min. By comparison an 8oz isopro is supposed to have 60min of burn time. The tradeoffs are:SoloStove - preptime, care and feeding, soot, bad in damp conditionsalcohol stove - short warmup time, any stove will do, limited burn time, clean, 9oz=60min, liquid alcohol has risks that the others so not although there are multiple usespocketrocket - no warmup time, 8oz=60min, easy to waste fueltablets - no warmup, needs a cup or plate, soot, east to storeopen campfires or propane stoves for more elaborate food prep, not good for hiking, and if you’re on the AT or PCT you’re not likely to have that kind of fresh food worth cooking