Richard Bucker

Spell Checking and Privacy

Posted at — Sep 19, 2022

Is there such a thing as privacy these days?

Privacy is dead

Last week my kid’s teacher asked us to install a spell-checker on the iPad. Sure there was a version that did not require a login… and there was a free version… but then there was a note at the bottom of one of the web pages…. the app required internet access. Let’s be real; unless there is a keyboard hook that the OS uses to identify login forms from word processors… then I/we/they are leaking all sorts of private information like every website and the possible userID and password… Not because they hacked the device’s vault but because they are a keyboard logger.

Back in the day we had grammar checkers and spell checkers built into our apps. Some were better than others but this is very scarey.

I blog using vi and I do not have a spell checker. I don’t care.

When you think about all the manipulation and the amounr of access and super spies (see twitter) anyone who says that business know best does not know sh!t.