Richard Bucker

spork you - camping utensils

Posted at — Mar 2, 2017

I have a number of camping utensils and sadly most are a pain in the ass.My first spoon was the long Toaks titanium spoon. It’s nice and long. Perfect for mountainhouse due to it’s long handle. But I have my complaints. [a] I can never find it. It does not fit in any of my stove kits and with the number of food bags and backpacks I never know which one it’s in. [b] the shape of the handle that makes it ridged captures food making it slightly tough to clean [c] being Ti; if the food is hot the heat will transfer to the spoon and burn your lips or tongue.Next I bought the Light My Fire 4-pack. They are just not long enough for mountainhouse and the serrated edge on the fork side is supposed to cut but it’s useless. The surface is slightle textured which might or could trap dirt or food.Next I bought a “simple spoon/fork” (don’t remember the manufacturer). The spoon and fork have grooves so they slide together. Both for storage and for general use. Compared to the Toaks long spoon it longer and almost as ridged. It also has a groove to attach them together only the groove is much more likely to snag food or dirt. Lastly it did not fit in the 750ml pot.Finally, I bought two Toaks folding sporks; one for each cook pot. [a] the handle seems to be the shortest [b] the wire handle makes it harder to stir the bottom of a deep bag [c] the hinge/lock mechanism is also a trap for food and dirt.Practically speaking I do not like the plastic spoons. The folding spoons are in my stove kit. And the long spoon is typically in my food bag.