Richard Bucker

Standing Desks

Posted at — Jun 16, 2022

Why do modern, cool-guy, programmers like standing desks? I just purchased my first standing desk after decades of using sitting desks. It’s not the first time at a standing desk but it is my first attempt at it full-time. It’s not a terrible experience but I am feeling the strain in my legs but I also feel the relief of not having to get in and out of my chair. It’s a weird sense of being more connected to the “other things”.

But while proponents talk about being productive I’m not sure that’s the case. Personally when I need to concentrate I like to lean back in my chair and either close my eyes or stare at the ceiling. By contrast the standing desk requires a constant congnitive load to keep upright.

At the moment I’m looking at two 32’ monitors and moving between my standing desk and my wife’s position in another room without the stress of hopping in and out of my chair. Question is am I as productive as usual or does it just feel that way?