Richard Bucker

Standup Meetings: Scrum vs KanBan vs Agile vs Other

Posted at — Sep 25, 2012

Everywhere you go these days teams are doing some sort of standup meeting. Whether it’s rigorous, loose, or even adhoc they are doing it. KanBanIn the KanBan standup meeting the team is supposed to take a task centric view. That means (a) blocking tasks, (b) tasks that are risky, (c) tasks that have not made any change since the last time, (d) whatever’s left. Scrum AgileOn the otherhand, Scrum and Agile take a resource centric view. Going from contributor to contributor… answering the questions (a) what I did yesterday, (b) what I an doing tomorrow, (c) what is blocking progress. OtherBetween the Agile/Scrum and KanBan they pretty much have things covered. I imagine that if anyone were to invent a new process it might look exactly like these with variations on time, scheduling, attendees, subject mater and/or magnification. So other is my catch all.One other thing to mention is that sometimes the teams are cross functional and so the stand ups take place twice. Once in the cross functional team or cell and again in the vertical talent pool. And finally, at some point when the project is big enough the updates need to be escalated to the next level so that the information can be aggregated and the stake holders engaged to make critical decisions if necessary.In conclusion they all have something to offer. Whether your team is going to benefit depends on the team, the mission, support and needs from leadership and stakeholders. Knowing what and how to communicate; and how to summarize and report are key to success. Let’s not forget that feedback is an important part of the cycle too.