Richard Bucker

Star Wars inspired campsite

Posted at — Jan 26, 2018

Inspired by this tent custom made by Bear Paw Wilderness Designs:I decided to put together a tarp versionMy pack weight was 5 pounds; everything fits nicely in the pack with plenty of room for a poncho; basic kit; and several days of foodThe cordage is zingit-like. The stakes are MSR mini-hogs and one cyclone. Having a black pack means the contents are going to be warm on a sunny day. This makes sense in the winter, however, in the Florida sun everything melts and water, while wet, is not fun to drink. The Klymit Dash 30 has a hydration port and shoulder pockets big enough for a 750ml Smartwater bottle. The big 3 are [1] Klymit Dash 30 (massdrop) [2] 30D footprint(bpwd) [3] 30D 6x9 tarp(bpwd) [4] Snugpak Jungle Bag [5] Klymit Static V(massdrop) [6] Klymit Pillow(massdrop)footprintWhile I staked the footprint it was not necessary, however, the day is blustery and the stakes held the footprint in place. Also this is technically a “bathtub” floor, however, it lays flush to the ground. In hindsight I would have been better off with a second 5x9 tarp for this purpose giving me a few more options for the same price and just a little more weight.Klymit Static VKlymit Large PillowSnugpak Jungle BagAt this point the kit is complete for some DarkSide camping (also known as cowboy camping)While the mattress and pillow will fit inside the jungle bag it’s optional and based on my sleeping position the pillow is optional. Another thing is that the Silnylon is slippery. While the mattress has some non-slip dots it’s only on one side.tarp If the weather turns its easy to add a tarp. The 9 tieouts are webbing which I added 2Go Ssytems shock cord (super strong and easy to work with).Dutch pull outWhen the weather is as blustery as it is right now it’s helpful to guy out some headroom. This clip from Dutch does the trick. Over time it’s probably going to damage the tarp, however, at the price of a replacement this setup is better and more cost effective than some of the stupid ultralight and expensive alternatives.I was thinking about creating a Chewbacca(brown or cayote), R2-D2(blue) and C-3PO(yellow) versions… Snugpak offers a brown and blue jungle bag… but then I only need the one.