Richard Bucker

Startup in a Box

Posted at — Jan 16, 2015

If you had to startup a company tomorrow what sorts of services, appliances and applications would you want to deploy? I have started to put together a list which I will eventually try to automate with NixOS and the Nix package manager at the core. Then I will try the same arrangement with CoreOS and server to send and receive emailsinternal MTAinternal DNSpublic DNSVPNLDAPDVCS - preferably something based on git with support for releasesmanaged switch with vlansstorage for backupsstorage for active applicationspublic & private wikipublic & private ticket systeminternal & private document repositoryfaxvoip with voicemail and mobile supportchatvideo chatmonitoring system / dashboardCMSinvoice / billing systemgeneral accountingprod, staging, dev environmentsinternal toolsmaster index of all toolsMQdatabaseschedulerAPI Serverauthenticationcontinuous integrationcalendarcontactsvanity websiteFTP server (box or dropbox like)fail2bandropboxSNMP ServerMore to come.