Richard Bucker

Still Using Chromeos

Posted at — May 3, 2020

I have been a ChromeOS wannabe since the says of th google POC. I finally bought my first Samsung ChromeBox when I started having security concerns about my customer’s data and having experienced long maintenance periods, hardware and software malfunctions and so on… The tipping point for full-on ChromeOS interest started when my in-laws needed PC support about every 2-4 weeks. Their PC died several times. And two more after that. I still do not know what thy did… but I replace it with an ASUS ChromeBox and with the exception of a few evil browser extensions it’s been pretty painless. Then there are my kids. Same challenge. While the ChromeBox does not support Zoom backgrounds I’m not concered about the evil. Any kid can use any of the 8 ChromeOS devices and even do work at any of the grandparents since they have them too.

Besides the security two of the killer features are that google autoudates and does a pretty good job about it. And that the machine re-boots in just a few seconds. But there are other companies doing some great work in this area.

System76 produces a very clean and fast Linux, pop-os, that is nicely simplified… I want some of their hardware. It is exactly where I an in terms of price and performance.

Intel is producing Clear Linux. It boots in a mere 2 seconds if not less. They optimized it for Intel CPUs which is ok although I really want to try the ARM ThunderX2/X3 but there is some elegance in the way they created their OS.

Now as I stare at my dual 34in screen ChromeBox and stack of 7 Intel Nucs I want to run linux on the desktop again but I struggle to remind myself why I do not customize my desktop experience and why I stick to the basic OS installation. The last time my ChromeBox failed I grabbed another one off the shelf and was working in about the time it took to register the box to my account.