Richard Bucker

stop asking for my address book

Posted at — Sep 2, 2015

Either we all know or strongly agree that the like of LinkedIn, Facebook and mySpace find novel ways to make money by marketing to me based on my likes, searches and the possible similarities to people in my circles. So of course they are going to ask me for access to my address book.But stop fucking asking me. I’m not going to give it to you. And if you turn a phrase that get’s me to inadvertently permit you access; not only will you lose my business (who cares right?) but I will also join and support any and all groups that will agree to legislate you into obscurity. As we all know; once they read my address book and slurp the data I will be haunted by my friends likes. Just a few days ago I did an Amazon search on small footprint computers like the Asus Chromebook and now everywhere I go I see ads for them. Someone sold me up the river.The think about my address book is that it container both personal and business related contacts. Of the 12K contacts I only communicate with 30 regularly. The rest are a result of gmail’s address book policy. The last thing I want to see is some antivirus software ads because some dipstick I knew in college works for McAfee.