Richard Bucker

Stop the Vm Maddness

Posted at — Jul 25, 2021

Executive summary:

This post has been a long time coming. I have been working on VMs like VMware, VirtualBox, Proxmox, Synology; VPS at Google, Amazon, Digital Ocean, Linode, Heroku; and container tech like Docker, Swarm, K3S, K8S, Rancher; And container host operating systems like CoreOS, RancherOS, PhotonOS, ClearLinux. I’ve also used chroot and jail. Not always to great success.

While VMs and Containers have some interesting side effects like hot/hot or active failover by the time you get there it’s increased financial costs and there are just a ton more moving parts and risk. Also you are just nesting full operating systems within full operating systems… just generating heat in the process. Also, each of those baremetal and virtual systems need care and feeding.

So here is the plan: