Richard Bucker

Strategic programming languages and the timing to pick a new one

Posted at — Feb 5, 2014

Back in 1995 I elected to start researching the Java programming language. Version 1.0 I just didn’t release and 1.0.2 was around the corner. The former was useful as a proof of concept the ladder ended up being the first version used in production and it lived up to the expectation that the network plus the computer.20 years later and java’s popularity is starting to wain. Over the last 10 years perl has been challenged by both Python and Ruby. So the question on my mind is which programming language will be the next programming language for the next 20 years.There are a number of languages which are showing promise. GoLang, Julia are two examples. There are a number of reimagining of the java virtual machine however they are no different then any DSL.