Richard Bucker

Strike 2 - raspberry

Posted at — Jan 27, 2020

Many of the PI vendors have a household limit on the number of Pi(s) that you can buy. And most of them are sold out. And so I ask myself what’s going on? Is the damand so high and production so low? Or are 3rd parties scalping? The board costs $10 plus approximately $10 for shipping from the reputable sellers… but if you try to but the boards from amazon with prime it’ll cost you $30.

let’s be clear although you get basic video, music and some other benefits you actually pay more for the products.

I’m not sure what the use-case is but if I was building a docker cluster based on the pi or an IoT type devices… you’re going to need more than one. One vendor tried to charge me $60 per unit.

As I confsider this device as a potential security device I get wrapped in the concern that the device is so cheap and it’s attack surface so great this use-case may be very risky.