Richard Bucker

Stripping down

Posted at — Oct 8, 2018

I have bunches of ziploc bags all over my space and it’s driving me crazy. Also this weekend I cut myself at my daughter’s soccer tournament and I realized I did not have band-aids or tape even though I was carrying everything in a pack. Now that I have everything tucker neatly into my Klymit Dash-18 I need to figure out what kind of EDC I need.This started off as a crappy mess. Too many bags.Now that I have removed the bags and de-duped let’s organize.I’ve organized the first-aid, daily, fire kit, everything else.Now I have everything, except the food, in a one gallon bag.And then I pulled out the first-aid and daily kits for my travel bag with the kids:sunscreenbug repellentlip balmhand sanitizerduct tapeband-aidsneosporinfoot balmswiss army knifetweezersTumsImodiumAquamira tabsTylenol and AdvilBenedrylleukotapepadded tapeWatching some of the SUL hikers pack their bags I could do with about half this stuff but there is something to say about having it too.