Richard Bucker

STS hammock day 2 - where did the water come from

Posted at — Feb 15, 2019

A few weeks ago I got out of my hammock and there was a pool of water under the inflatable pad and I had no idea what the source of the water was. This morning I popped my head out to see th current situation:Lots of sag. I determined that the tarp was resting on the hammock’s ridgeline.The tarp’s shape was off due to the weight of the water and needed to be tightened. Dew was everywhere.Even under the tarp. In this case because the tarp was resting on the ridgeline the contact caused the moisture to drip into the hammock.The bugnet was also drenched.The hammock and pad were also wet. This was probably because of the dew and condensation.  There was just no escaping it. This is just the small crap nobody ever mentions. So there is something to be said for checking the setup before actually falling asleep. The dew would not be a problem if it just rolled off the tarp but the contact caused it’s own problem. I wonder if there is a different performance with the STS UL hammock since it’s a mesh and not a fabric?