Richard Bucker

SUL but amazingly strong

Posted at — Sep 29, 2018

Hummingbird currently makes 3 hammocks. The single, the single plus and the double. While the philosophy, manufacturing, and specifications are amazing although I’m not sure why… They claim the Single has a capacity of 300, plus has 350 and the double has 400. I’m assuming that the materials are all the same but that the size of the hammock is longer and wider. Assuming that the buckle at either end and the stitching is the same then it must be the distribution of the weight to the fabric that eventually concentrates at the buckle. That was easy.While I had not thought about it, when I was hanging my hammock with 770 and 850 paracord, I always thought the tension on the straps was equal to the weight in the tarp divided by 2. Meaning a 300 lb person would only be putting 150 lbs of tension against each strap.From this video I seem to be wrong.At a 30 degree angle the full weight of the person is on [each] line and at 5 degrees it’s over 1100 lbs. That’s crazy!What’s worse is that [a] I’ve setup my hammock in the backyard from time to time hanging it from the cinder block posts and I’m just not knowledgeable enough to know if it can withstand the lateral forces generated by a hammock. [b] which got me to thinking about the last time I was hammock camping and my interested to take a hike and hammock nap today. The trees I was thinking about might not have been a good choice.And so the tent vs hammock conversation rages on.