Richard Bucker

Summer overnight pack 10.5 pounds

Posted at — Sep 10, 2016

Here is my first overnight bag. I still have some redundancy and that’s because neither the kit nor myself have been tested. This first shakedown, which I have been promising myself, should happen soon. I’d prefer it not to be in bad weather but all things being equal why not.I’ve intentionally left out my consumables except I accidentally left the fuel in my cook kit. I have 2 pieces of reflectix. One is my camp sitting and kneeling pad. The baby powder will likely be left behind, however recently, it was a real benefit wen I took the kids to the beach. Applying the baby powder to my sand covered kids allowed me to de-sand them before getting into the car. Also, I’ll probably be wearing the hat and so I do not count things I’ll be wearing. And so I will not weigh my trekking poles either.The pack is comfortable and balanced. Two 1L smartwater bottles won’t be too bad. And with any luck the hike will begin soon.40L packThe pack looks smaller than it actually is although it does not appear as ginormous as the packs I’ve seen on various websites. I think there is probably another 10L for me to use for food and clothing for those 4 day hikes.